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Entenmann’s has made more than 780 million donuts – if you laid them end-to-end, you could wrap them around the earth 2 ½ times!

Keeping the doctor away? More than 190 million pounds of apples have been used in Entenmann’s apple pies. That’s more than 5,000 apples a day, every day, for the past 100 years.

Watch out Neil Armstrong: The All Butter Loaf Cake was made in the original Entenmann’s bakery in Brooklyn in 1898. Since then, more than 700 million loaves have been baked. If you lined them up end-to-end, you could travel to the moon and back.

The Rich Frosted Chocolate Dipped Donut has been the #1 seller since its introduction in 1972.

Believing that people were more inclined to buy what they can see, the Entenmann’s brothers, William, Robert and Charles, and mother, Martha, invented the familiar “see-through” cake box for baked goods in 1959.

More than 168 million pounds of chocolate have been used for Entenmann's “rich frosted chocolate dipped donuts,” enough to fill all of the Great Lakes.

Since 1974, the year Entenmann’s began baking one of its trademark products, chocolate chip cookies, the company has sold more than 620 million cookies.

The original chocolate chip cookie – rich with chips made in Entenmann’s own chocolate room – is the company’s best selling cookie.

In the early ’50s, Frank Sinatra used to call the Bay Shore bakery to place weekly orders for Entenmann’s crumb coffee cake.

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