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In 1898, William Entenmann opened his first bakery in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. It was the start of a tradition now more than a century old.

As a young baker from Stuttgart, Germany, who learned his trade by his father's side, William came to America like so many, to pursue his dreams. His first job in his adopted country was working in a bread bakery, when dough was still mixed by hand. William eventually opened his own bakery on Rogers Avenue and began delivering his fresh baked breads, rolls and cakes door-to-door in horsedrawn wagon. His 'All Butter Loaf Cake' was an early success. William Entenmann quickly gained a reputation for quality baked goods.

Then a near tragedy forced the relocation of the early business. William's son was stricken by rheumatic fever. The boy survived but on the doctor's advice, William moved his young family to the country, to Bay Shore, Long Island. There he re-established his business, where it flourished. Years later, William Jr. took over the bakery from his father, along with its 30 home delivery routes.

The bakery continued to prosper through the early part of the century and attracted some noteworthy customers. Entenmann's found a place on such prestigious tables as the Morgans and Vanderbilts. The business made it through the Depression, and sales of its fancy pasteries and decorated cakes actually multiplied. By the 1950s, the phone number of the Bay Shore bakery was known by none other than Frank Sinatra, who placed weekly orders for Entenmann's Crumb Coffee Cake.

In 1951, William Entenmann Jr. suffered a fatal heart attack. Sons Charles, Robert and William, having returned from the Korean War, gathered with their mother, Martha Entenmann, to chart the future course of the business. They recognized that things had changed, that home delivery was no long practical, and supplying supermarkets was the way to go. Bread production was phased out and Entenmann's focus became pasteries and cakes.

With Martha Entenmann at the helm as company president, the brothers began expanding the business into New Jersey and Connecticut, and in 1961, on five acres in Bay Shore, Entenmann's built what is still the largest baking facility of its kind in the United States. Since then, the business has grown to include Florida, the Midwest and West Coast.

After more than 100 years, Entenmann's still bakes up special treats for everyday. And like William Entenmann's breads and cakes of a century ago, freshness is still a hallmark of all Entenmann's products. From its famous Rich Frosted Chocolate Donuts to its Multi-grain Cereal Bars and new line of Fat Free baked goods, Entenmann's still satisfies sweet tooths daily.

Today, Entenmann's is part of the Bimbo Bakeries USA family, the home of all the fresh baked brands that North Americans have loved for generations.
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